Making Your Hospital Stay Better and Safer                                          

For many years ENABLE has been campaining to improve treatment of people with learning disabilities when they have to stay in hospital.  While NHS care can be excellent, too often in the past poor information or communication regarding patients' particular special needs have led to poor care, in some extreme cases, much worse.

In order help prevent such problems, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde has published an excellent  resource which aims to record all of a person's special needs in advance of their admission in a booklet which is then passed on to relevant clinicians and other hospital staff.  Through use if the booklet, all staff involved should have all the information they need at their fingertips when needed.

Hospital Admission info Booklet Cover

We would very much recommend that famiily carers and support professionals fill in and use this resource when the person with learning disability they care for is admitted to hospital.  You can download a copy for adults here, and a copy for children here.  There is also a Guidelines booklet which can be downloaded here.  Also, if you wish to find out how to get hard copies, please contact us at the ENABLE Glasgow office.