Best Buddies                         

best buddies logoBest Buddies is part of the legacy of US life-long learning disability campaigner, Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Shriver and her son Anthony founded Best Buddies to bring jobs and social opportunities to people with Learning Disability from all over the USA and the charity now has almost 1500 projects worldwide.

ENABLE Glasgow has been working with ENABLE Scotland since 2008 to bring the Best Buddies befriending project to Glasgow. Our Social Coordinator works to involve our members in the scheme by offering a fortnightly club which is based in the Carlton Resource Centre, Coburg Street, Glasgow G5 9JF, on Thursday evenings from 6pm-8pm offering  a range of activities such as dance classes, movie nights, arts and crafts etc, with students from Glasgow University enabling our more active members to exchange, experience and share social experiences in the hope of forging lasting friendships. There are also some group events with outings including Tenpin Bowling, meals out and much more. Those who have contributed in this scheme have found it a worthwhile experience that has had a lasting impact on their social skills and confidence, and for some of our members Best Buddies has resulted in some very important friendships being formed.



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