Disability Agenda Scotland Hustings Event

Representatives of ENABLE Glasgow and Glasgow ACE were supported to attend Disability Agenda Scotland’s Hustings  event on Monday 27 April at Senses’s Touchbase in Kinning Park.

Chaired by broadcaster Shereen Nanjiani, there were representatives from the four main political parties; Nicola Ross for the Scottish Conservatives, Ken MacIntosh of Labour, Elidh Whiteford for SNP and Chris Young of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Following some short opening statements from all parties, the session was thrown open to the floor for a question and answer session and robust debate.

There were some excellent questions from the floor  on inclusive communication, welfare and social security and employment. People were eager to know if more cuts to welfare and social security would adversely effect people with disability. There is  general anger that the £22 billion of  government cuts have  thus far disproportionately effected people with disability

Shereen Nanjiani also raised the issue of how disability has largely been absent from the agenda throughout the various Leaders Debates. The Disability Agenda Scotland is keen to campaign to ensure people with disability and the issues affecting them  are properly represented  at Westminster and in our own Scottish parliament.

Disability Agenda Scotland (DAS) is an alliance of Scotland’s major disability organisations: ENABLE Scotland, Capability Scotland, Action on Hearing Loss, RNIB Scotland , SAMH and Sense Scotland.

A big thank you to our colleague, Kayleigh Thorpe at ENABLE Scotland, for helping us to be involved in this excellent event.