Covid19/Coronavirus - How Our Services Are Affected

Our priority is to make sure that service users, staff, volunteers, and members are kept as safe as possible.  We also aim to adapt our services to ensure that the general wellbeing of our service users and their families is supported.  This page will give information about our key services, and is valid as of January 2022.

Esmond Street Advanced Support Service

Service users at Esmond Street continue to be supported within the house. As restrictions were lifted, we had been able to reintroduce indoor visiting and outings (including over night stays with families). Due to the new guidance regarding the Omicron variant of COVID 19, we are ensuring service users and families are supported to follow the new health and safety and infection control procedures. Individuals ensure that they are not socialising with any more than two other households at any one time (both indoors and outdoors). 

All service users, family members and support staff follow the most up to date gudiance regarding testing. A negative LFT test is required from all parties before any visiting or outings can take place. PPE and hand hygiene procedures continue to be of fundamental importance and the service ensures it follows the most up to date guidance in relation to all areas of infection control. 

Please be aware that guidance for care homes from Public Health Scotland and Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership can be subject to change, so we continue to advise people to  please contact Esmond Street directly for specific details in advance of your visit.  

Enhanced infection control procedures continue, and all staff undergo weekly PCR and daily LFT testing procedures.  We are in constant liaison with all relevant statutory services such as community medical staff, the Health and Social Care Partnership, and the Care Inspectorate.  If you require more information please contact the unit on 0141 352 7990

Balshagray House

Emergency arrangements at Balshagray are essentially the same as at Esmond Street. For specific information relating to Balshagray, please contact the service on 0141 339 5130.

Fortune Works

Fortune Works had been fully reopened to all of our sevice users. However the recent changes in Government and PHS guidelines have necessitated some changes to the running of our service here. 

Unfortunately we had to postpone our planned Christmas party and brought our plans for Christmas closure forward to Friday 17th of December. Fortune Works has now partially reopened offering a part time building based service as outlined below.

The service is unfortunately unable to use our space at 195D as a result of flooding damage. Flooring is scheduled to be replaced early in the new year. However in the meantime we have had to make some changes to ensure the safety of our service users.

We reopened our building based service to service users on 10.01.22.  Everyone is being offered a hybrid of building-based service and virtual activities at home.  Where there is an identified need for additional building-based service for particular individuals we endeavour to provide this, so some people may continue to receive a five-day service. 

Letters have been sent out to individual service users, detailing which team each service user is in, who else in is in their team, and what service users were to expect when they return.

We continue to liaise with our colleagues in community social work and health services in order to make sure that our service users are safe and secure. If you require more information please contact Fortune Works on 0141 944 4383.   

Clubs and Social Activities

Our Tuesday night club had been able to reopen in early September. Unfortunately due to the most recent guidance, we have had to temporarily close our Tuesday evening club and suspend plans for all other social actvities until further notice.

We are very much aware of how everyone misses our social actvities, and we will do all we can to get these up and running safely again as soon as possible.

Central Office

We continue to maintain a reduced staff presence at our central office.  At times it may not be possible to  respond immediately to telephone calls or e-mail requests.  However, if you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are very grateful for your continued support at this difficult time.  Please check the website for further infromation.  We also update our Facebook pages regularly.