Older Carers – Running Out of Time

Around 60% of people with learning disabilities still live in the family home with carers, usually parents.  Many of these parents are now reaching an age where it becomes much harder to be a full time carer, yet still can’t get the services they need to support them in the caring role.  ENABLE believes this problem is especially acute in Glasgow, and that all agencies involved in the support of people with learning disabilities need to begin comprehensive planning now in order to meet the increasing demand for services when family carers are unable to continue in their role.

Today’s is the first generation of people with learning disabilities who are likely to outlive their parents, and society cannot continue to take the support provided by family carers for granted.

As well as campaigning locally, ENABLE Glasgow has been closely involved in ENABLE Scotland’s national Running Out of Time Campaign.


There are thousands of older carers who have been caring for their sons and daughters for their whole lives and see little end in sight. The Running Out of Time campaign wants to see older carers better supported to plan for the future, with more realistic options the person they care for.