Included in the Main?!

ENABLE Scotland has launched a major campaign aimed at improving education for young people with learning disability.  Included in the Main?! is a national conversation about the reality of educational experiences for young people who have learning disabilities in Scotland today.  

Included in the Main?!

Our members told us that truly inclusive education is still far from a reality for young people who have learning disabilities, and this has an impact on their whole life.   Too many young people who have learning disabilities are still excluded:

• By friends and peers

• From classroom and curriculum

• From opportunities and activities that make up the whole of school life

It is time to talk about how to make truly inclusive education a reality.   We want people across Scotland to talk about their experiences and what makes education truly inclusive. Young people. Families. Carers. Teachers. Politicians. Communities.   We want to hear the good and the bad, what works well and what isn’t working. We want to promote best practice and seek positive solutions. Most of all we want to make sure that every child and young person in Scotland can achieve their full potential, supported by excellent learning and teaching, and surrounded by a natural network of family and friends.   

Join the Conversation…

• Complete one of our surveys

a. For young people

b. For parents and carers

c. For teachers (coming soon)

• Follow the conversation so far (click to read our case studies)

• Read what ENABLE Scotland thinks

• Tell us your own story, email Campaigns at 

Get in touch…  If you’d like to find out more about Included in the Main!? or any of our other campaigns, please contact the ENABLE Scotland Campaigns team: Call 0300 0200 101 or e-mail