Campaigning Against Care Charging

All our members will know that for many months we have been part of the campaign to end charging for non-residential support in Scotland.  Many of you who use services will be aware that you need to pay a client contribution from your benefits towards this support, and that these costs have been steadily rising over recent years.  We have told you before about our role in the national campaign to bring this to an end.  The Scottish Government has already committed itself to ending this kind of charging during the lifetime of the current parliament.

Service users in Glasgow will have received notification of the charges for the year to come over the past month, including those of you who have a connection with Fortune Works.  Although ENABLE Glasgow is required to collect the client contribution from our service users, we have no control over the amount charged as this is set by the local Health and Social Care Partnership.  This year’s charges have increased significantly, and we are sure that this will cause some hardship to many of the people who use our services.  Therefore, we will be helping individual service users and families make sure that they are being charged the right amount, and that the cost to them is minimised.  Although this work may take some time we feel sure that it will be worth it in the end.  Fortune Works staff will be in touch with you soon regarding what happens next.

Also, you can support the campaign to end care charging by signing the national petition against the change at  There is also a link to this on our social media pages.