Balshagray House

balshagray house

Balshagray is a supported community in the west end of Glasgow which provides 24-hour support and care to adults with learning disability. The project currently supports 20 people, 13 of whom live the main house, with another seven living in more independent tenancies close by. We provide 24-hour waking support to service users in the main house, most of whom have relatively complex support needs. The people who are supported by Balshagray have close links with the local community, and the project actively links those living at the unit with a local support network. 

Service users are supported to play a direct role in the running of the unit, and we also place strong emphasis on the continuing involvement of relatives and family members in this support.  One of our core aims is to be able to provide support for as long as the person concerned wants this – this means that the project develops in line with the changing needs and aspirations of each individual. Balshagray is registered and inspected by the Care Inspectorate.