How To Join Us at Fortune Works

Fortune Works is aimed at people over 16 who have a learning disability and who want to learn new skills, make new friends, and play a busy economic role in community life.  It’s also good fun!  While we can’t provide personal care or administer medication, we have more than 50 years’ experience in meeting the special needs of people with learning disability and supporting their personal development.  You don’t have to live in the local area to come along, and we can help you make a travel plan if you need one – often this is provided as part of the person’s support package.

What’s my first step in finding out more? 

We are more than pleased to accept enquiries from potential new service users, their families, or other representatives at any time – all you need to do is give us a call.  We will also be glad to arrange a visit.  However, if you are interested in joining us, this usually needs to be supported by your local Social Work Department (in Glasgow, the Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership).  In order to find out more about this, call us on 0141 944 4383.

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How is my placement at Fortune Works funded?

There is a cost for attending Fortune Works, but the fact that we are a social enterprise means that this is much lower than most other support services.  Please contact us direct for current rates. Almost all of our service users have their funding met through a Self Directed Support funding package, which comes from Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).  You may be asked to make a contribution to this cost – how much you need to pay is set by the Health and Social care Partnership.  However, this will not be all of the cost of the service.  

In order to access a funding package, you need to approach the HSCP for an assessment.  You can find out how this process works in Glasgow by clicking here.  Our staff will be glad to guide you through this process. 

What happens when I want to join?

If you are interested in taking your referral further, and have agreement from the funding authority, we will help you make a plan to join us.  The induction process is tailored to the particular needs and wishes of each new service user.  This can include initial visits, taster days, and an agreed trial period.  Where appropriate, family members are very involved in the service, and we encourage carers to play a role in the support of the person they care for if they wish to do this.

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When is Fortune Works open? 

Fortune Works operates from 9am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.  In order to get the most from the varied programmes of activities, it’s usually best to attend on a full-time basis where you can.  We are closed on the normal Glasgow public holidays. 

What if I want to leave Fortune Works? 

Service users are of course free to move on from Fortune Works if they decide it’s not for them or they are moving on to another service.  All we ask is that you give us and your funding authority four weeks’ notice where possible. 

Please call us and arrange a visit!

Telephone: 0141 944 4383 to arrange for a visit and for more information.



Service User information is available in our Fortune Works Brochure